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  1. Dear love, you took my life away, you had me at hello, and lost me at goodbye, i hate love because it never stays, it leave in a moment and then its gone forever, it’ll never be the same. Dear Love, You caused me so much pain, And left me with nothing to gain, I prayed to god but nothing changed, you left with no sign of relief you just left me with grief, i hate you love please go away. Dear love, you broke my heart and threw it away, like as if it was nothing but a breadcrumb, and now im laying here looking for opiets to numb the pain, im so sick i feeling the same, love im not the problem, you are. Dear Love, if you were a person you wouldn’t be alive, because everyday you ruin lives, I have so many questions to ask you, but ill never get an answer, and ill never understand why the fuck she wouldn’t answer. Dear love, I blame you for my problems, so ill drink it away, but i just want you to know that even though when the sun shines during month of may, you will be the reason why i take my life aw
  2. I’ve found myself at the bottom of the bottle holding onto every memory of you. I'm sorry for the pain I’ve caused but because of this ill stand in the rain that pours. So ill pour another drink and hope for the best but I know that you’ll never forgive me and settle for less. I'm sorry for what I’ve done so ill sit here and drink this rum. You gave me feeling and now I'm numb. I wish I never left I can’t believe I was so dumb.
  3. Name: Alex Username: Juicy Age: 24 IRL Picture: (Optional) check disc Where are you from?: Australia Timezone: UTC/GMT +10 hours