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  1. Row 1 1. Any Cerb Crystal 2. Any Justiciar piece, Dinhs, Avernic, OR Buckler (Just 1 needed not all items) 3. Any GWD Hilt 4. Hydra Leather 5. Dragon Chainbody (KQ) Row 2 1. Dragon Warhammer 2. Magic Fang 3. Dragon Pickaxe (from a wildy boss - NO DIVINE ZONE, MUST PROVIDE SCREENSHOT OF DROP OUT OF DIVINE ZONE) 4. Bandos Chestplate 5. ALL Dag King Rings - berserker, warrior, archers, seers Row 3 1. Zenyte 2. A Nightmare Staff OR any Nightmare Orb 3. Rapier, dragon claws, sang staff, or dragon hunter crossbow (only need 1 not all) 4. Unsired 5. Basilisk Jaw Row 4 1. Odium OR Malediction Ward 2. Bandos Tassets 3. Armadyl Chestplate 4. ANY Corrupt Armor Piece 5. ANY Boss or Skilling pet OR a Jar drop Row 5 1. Thammaron's Sceptre, Craw's Bow, or Viggora's Chainmace (MUST BE FROM WILDERNESS REVS, NOT DIVINE. MUST PROVIDE SCREENSHOT IN WILDY) 2. Armadyl Plateskirt 3. Trident OR Kraken Tentacle 4. ANY Nightmare Armor OR Mace 5. Serpentine Visage Rules: 1. Your goal is to be the first person to reach BINGO, aka complete 5 tiles in a row on the board. The 5 can be left to right, top to bottom, or diagonal. Any way works as long as it is 5 in a row. 2. You must provide a screenshot of your client clearly showing the drop announcement and for specific ones requiring you to prove location make sure you get the location (example- wilderness revs), as well as you typing the words "Slicerix Bingo" that way I can verify it isnt an old screenshot. 3. All drops and screenshot MUST be on the SAME account. 4. You must post the screenshot ASAP to either discord OR the forums, so we have an accurate time of drop. If you end up taking too long, someone could potentially win before you. Prizes: The first 3 people to complete a BINGO will win a prize. 1st place - $50 donator scroll 2nd place - $25 donator scroll 3rd place - $10 donator scroll Good luck to everyone participating! HERE IS THE BOARD
  2. I am looking for community input on what types of events you guys would like to see around, as I am interested in hosting some to boost community morale. If you have any ideas toss them in the replies down below and if I notice multiple people want certain events I will try my best to do them. Some ideas could be PvM Bingo, Pk tournaments, etc. I will try my best to fund prizes as well for any! Thank you and I look forward to hearing your ideas!
  3. Glad to be here <3
  4. Sure most of the regulars know me, but figured I would just make a post anyway for future players to see. My name in game is Magnolia, I am usually on every single day at night eastern US time zone. I am notorious for bankstanding and just socializing, but I do enjoy PvMing often and the occasional PK trip. If you see me in game don't be afraid to say hi!
  5. good luck juicy <3 love you man
  6. big vouch for trent, longest played and on often. knows basically everything on the server <3 mod trent