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Offical Slicerix Price Guide

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Attention All Slicerix Players This Is An Offical Price Guide Created Based Off Rariety, Drop rate, Foe points, Donator Points
Please Refer To This For All Future Use For Buying/Selling This Will Be Updated As Community Grows -King77

Combat Weapons:

Rune 2h: 45-55k each
Rune Battleaxe: 30-40k each
Dragon Sword: 100-120k each
Dragon Axe: 50m-100m each
Dragon Pickaxe: 50m-100m each
Abbysal Whip: 15m-20m each
Tentcle Whip: 30m-50m each
Armadyl Godsword: 300m-400m each
Bandos Godsword: 250m each
Zamorak Godsword: 250m each
Saradmoin Godsword: 250m each
Zuriels Staff: 250m each
Statius Warhammer: 250m each
Vesta Spear: 250m-300m each
Vesta Longsword: 250m-300m each
Toxic Blowpipe: 150m-200m each
Staff of the dead: 100m each
Armadyl crossbow: 200m each
Dragon Claws: 500m-600m each
Elder Maul: 200m-250m each
Kodai Wand: 250m-300m each
Trident of the seas: 100m Each
Trident of the swamp: 150m each
Ghrazi Rapier: 600m- 1b Each
Dragon Warhammer: 100m-150m each

Rune Full Helm: 50-70k each
Rune Platebody: 50-70k each
Rune Chainbody: 35-40k each
Rune Plate Legs/Skirt: 50-60k each
Rune Kiteshield: 50-65k each
Dragon med helm: 200-300k each
Dragon Sq. Shield (Right half): 750k-1m each
Dragon Sq. Shield (Full): 1m-1.2m each
Dharok Armour: 10m each
Veracs Armour: 5m each
Guthans Armour: 5m each
Arhims Armour: 5m each
Karils Armour: 5m each
Heavy ballista: 50m-75m each
Vesta Platebody: 250m-300m each
Vesta Chainskirt: 250m-300m each
Statius Full-helm: 250m-300m each
Statius Platebody: 250m-300m each
Statius Platelegs: 250m-300m each
Morgains Coif: 250m each
Morgains Body: 250m each
Morgains Chaps: 250m each
Zuriels hood: 250m each
Zuriels Robetop: 250m each
Zuriels Robebottom: 250m each
Serpentine Helm: 100m-150m each
Magma Helm: 150m-200m
Bandos Chestplate: 100m-150m each
Bandos Tassets: 100m-150m each
Pegasian Boots: 100m each
Armadyl helmet: 50m-75m each
Armadyl chestplate: 100m each
Armadyl chainskirt: 100m each
Inquisitor's Greathelm: 200m each
Inquisitor's Hauberk: 200m each
Inquisitor's plateskirt: 200m each
Primdoral Boots: 100m each
Eternal Boots: 100m each
Dragonfire Shield: 150m each
Dragonfire Ward: 75m-100m each
Nightmare staff: 250m-300m each
Orbs: 100m-150m each
Torva Platebody: 2b-3b each
Torva Helm: 2b-3b each
Torva Platelegs: 2b-3b each
Spectral Spirit Shield: 500m-600m each
Arcane Spirit Shield: 600m-700m each
Elysian Spirit Shield: 1b each


Baby Dragon bones: 2k-3k each
Dragon Bones: 7k-9k each
Superiror Dragon Bones: 15-20k each
Dexterous Scroll: 300m-400m each
Arcane Prayer Scroll: 150-200m each

Bronze arrows: 15-25gp each
Iron arrows: 30-35gp each
Steel arrows: 40-50gp each
Mithril arrows: 75-80gp each
Adamant arrows: 120-150gp each
Rune arrows: 300-500gp each
Dragon arrows: 20k each
Onyx Bolts (e):15k each
Dragon Stone Bolt (e): 1k each
Ruby/Diamond Bolt: 1k each
Cannon Piece: 5m Each

Skilling items:

Guam: 500gp each -- hard to sell, only for beginning herblawists
Tarromin: 800gp each -- not as valuable with str pot drops from mobs
Ranarr: 2-4k each -- always in demand
Irit Leaf: 3-5k each -- always in demand
Kwuarm: 4-6k each -- always in demand
Cadantine: 4-7k each -- always in demand
Dwarf Weed: 5-8k each -- will be in demand if p2p wild becomes more active
Snape grass: 500gp - 1k each -- noted drop & ground drops (hobgoblin isle)
Eye of Newt: 500gp - 1k each -- noted drop & store bought
Limpwurt root: 2-4k each -- noted drop
Whiteberries: 3-5k each -- noted drop & ground drops (red dragons)
Wine of Zamorak: 2-4k each -- easily obtainable, just time and click consuming (chaos temple)
Strength potion: 300gp - 750gp each -- depends on f2p pking, noted drops of 100 (black demon)
Prayer restore potion -- 5k - 7k ea -- noted drops
Super Attack potion -- 5k - 8k ea -- noted drops
Super Strength potion -- 5k - 9k ea -- noted drops
Super Defense potion -- 5k -- 10k ea -- noted drops
Super set - 15k - 30k ea
Ranging potion -- 5k - 10k ea -- will be bought/sold more with p2p wild activity
Overload: 125k each found in donator shop (fat tony)


Raw Swordfish: 500gp - 750gp ea
Raw Shark: 500gp - 750gp ea
Cooked Swordfish: 750gp - 1k each -- currently best fishing moneymaker due to f2p wild activity
Cooked Shark: 750gp - 1k each -- will be more widely bought/sold with p2p wild activity
Angler Fish: 4k Each - found in donator shop (fat tony)
Cooked Karambwan: 1k each - found in donator shop (fat tony)


Yew logs: 500gp - 750gp each
Magic logs: 700gp - 1k each
Arrow shafts: 100gp - 150gp each
Headless arrows: 150gp - 200gp each
Feathers: 20gp - 100gp each -- depends on demand. Large quantity drop via greater demons
Bowstrings: 400gp - 1k each -- depends on demand (only useful for people training fletching)
Steel arrow heads: 25gp - 35gp each -- large quantity drops (greater demon)
Mith arrow heads: 40gp - 50gp each -- large quantity drops (greater demon)
Addy arrow heads: 75gp - 150gp each -- medium quantity drops (greater demon)
Rune arrow heads: 250gp - 350gp each -- small quantity drops (greater demon)


Iron ore: 100gp - 150gp each
Coal: 600gp - 800gp each -- large quantity noted drops
Mithril ore: 650gp - 1k each -- medium quantity noted drops
Adamantite ore: 3k - 5k each -- small quantity noted drops
Runite ore: 10k - 15k each -- small quantity noted drops
Steel bar: 500gp - 900gp each -- large quantity noted drops
Mith bar: 1k - 1.5k each
Addy bar: 4k - 6k each
Rune bar: 18k - 23k each
Gold bar: 1k-2k each -- small quantity noted drops

Misc Items:

Amulet Of Fury: 10m-20m each
Amulet of torture: 100m each
Occult necklace: 50m-75m each
Anguish necklace: 75m-100m each
Anguish (or) necklace: 125m each
Ring of wealth: 100m each
Ring of wealth (i): 250m-300m each
Ring of suffering: 50m each
Ring of suffering (i): 75m-100m each
Tormented Braclet: 50m each
Hydra Leather: 300m each
Hydra claw: 400-500m each
Ring Of Gods: 150m-200m each
Tryannical ring (i): 150m each
Treasonous ring: 100m each

Cosmetic rare items:

Yellow Partyhat: 400m-500m each
Red Partyhat: 400m-500m each
Green Partyhat: 400m-500m each
White Partyhat: 400m-500m each
Purple Partyhat: 400m-500m each
Blue Partyhat: 400m-500m each
Black Partyhat: 600-700m each
Rainbow Partyhat: 1b-1.5b each
Christmas Cracker: 400m-500m each
Santa Hat:  400m-500m each
Black Santa Hat: 600-700m each
Inverted Santa Hat: 600-700m each
Green Halloween mask: 250m each
Red Halloween mask: 250m each
Blue Halloween mask: 250m each
Black Halloween mask: 600-700m each
Sled: 500m-600m each

Theatre Of Blood Drops:

Justicar Faceguard: 250m-300m each
Justicar Platebody: 250m-300m each
Justicar legguards: 250m-300m each
Ghrazi Rapier: 600m-1b each
Sanguinesti staff: 1b-1.5b each
Avernic Defender: 250m-300m each
Scythe of vitur: 10b+ Never Sold (will update when one does)

Raid/Xeric chests:

Common Keys: 2m each
Rare Keys: 200m-300m each
Arcane Prayerscroll: 150m-200m each
Dexterous Prayerscroll: 300m-400m each
Twisted Buckler: 150m each
Dinh's Bulwark: 100m-150m each
Dragon hunter crossbow: 200m each
Kodai wand: 300m-400m each
Elder maul: 200-250m each
Ancestral hat: 250m-300m each
Ancestral robe top: 250m-300m each
Ancestral robe bottom: 250m-300m each
Twisted Bow: 10b+ (Biggest offer was around 10b)

Hunleff Chest:

Crystalline keys: 5m-10m each
Blade of saledor: 400m each
Crystal Helm: 20m-50m each
Cyrstal body: 20m-50m each
Crystal legs: 20m-50m each
Crystal Bowfa: 500m-750m each
Corrupt helm perfected:200m-250m each
Corrupt body perfected:200m-250m each
Corrupt legs perfected:200m-250m each
Corrupt Bowfa: (NEVER SOLD) Reference Tbow 10b+

Donator points for ingame is 10m per point for a future reference aswell
Also Platnium tokens are 1k each. 1m platnium tokens= 1b Coins in game.

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